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0001748Monster Crown[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-07-14 00:03
ReporterOzAssigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0001748: Tamer Rank & Points Persist On Screen After Saving V1.0.54
DescriptionIf you save, your tamer rank and tamer points will persist on screen afterward. You need to open and close the menu once more to get the bar off of your screen.

Video of bug:

Version: 1.0.54
Platform: Steam
Controls: Using Xbox One Controller
Resolution: 720p
Steps To Reproduce1) Open the menu and save the game. Tamer points bar will stay visible at the bottom of the screen.
2) Open and close your menu once more. Tamer points bar will go away.
TagsGraphical, Steam, UI
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2023-07-14 00:03 Oz New Issue
2023-07-14 00:03 Oz Tag Attached: Graphical
2023-07-14 00:03 Oz Tag Attached: Steam
2023-07-14 00:03 Oz Tag Attached: UI