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0001747Monster Crown[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-07-12 04:23
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Summary0001747: Jack & Kelly Cutscene Breaks Screenlock In Housee V1.0.54
DescriptionWhen you talk to Jack after Jasper's death, there is a mini back and forth between Kelly and Jack. During the final visit to Kelly's house, her Mom and Dad will be fighting. After that dialog is over, the screen is no longer locked in place and moves around. Your monster also sometimes glitches in and out of existence.

Video of bug: (This video starts on step 4 of the "Steps to Reproduce")

Version: 1.0.54
Platform: Steam
Controls: Using Xbox One Controller
Resolution: 720p
Steps To Reproduce1) Defeat Jasper and let the Epheals take care of him
2) Talk to Jack
3) Talk to Kelly in her house
4) Talk to Jack again
5) Return to Kelly's house and watch a small dialog exchange between her mom and dad
6) Screen will no longer be locked in place
TagsGraphical, Steam
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