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0001746Monster Crown[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-07-12 03:56
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Summary0001746: Mill Town Two NPCs Have Same Dialog V1.0.54
DescriptionThere are two NPC's that have the same dialog in Mill Town talking about you being too young to be a prospector. I believe the daughter in the second house in my video is supposed to be talking about her boyfriend but it is bugged with the dialog of another NPC instead.

Video of both NPCs and dialog:

Version: 1.0.54
Platform: Steam
Controls: Using Xbox One Controller
Resolution: 720p
Steps To Reproduce(This occurs before you get the Epheal cutscene or Mining scene by Dew Cave. Not sure if either Npc's dialog changes later)

1) Go to the house to the fight of the Kiry and talk to the NPC inside
2) Go to the house southeast of the house you just visited and talk to the NPC on the second floor of the house
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